New sa id book validity

A south african id number is a digit number which is defined by the following format. Sa s green id book valid until further notice home affairs. It is valid until the time we sort out everything we need to deal with in issuing the smart id. If i do not remember my id number and i do not have my green barcoded id, will i still be able to apply for a new smart id card. If you never had an id number bar coded id or if you were born outside south africa.

South african id card securing government services gemalto. Eligibility, south african citizenship and birth within south africa. An identity document id enables south african citizens and. How to pay buy fake id order fake id online id book. General information about south african identity books identity documents.

Drivers who have not changed their identity documentbased licences to a card licence are no longer licensed to drive. Applying for an identity document western cape government. If you are a woman and want to apply for a new id in the name of any of your. This proof includes a persons photograph, their full name, their date of birth, their place of birth, and their unique identity number. Check online for duplicate id south african government. Green id book is legal despite rumours to contrary. In 1994, the new democracy willing to restore dignity for black citizens decided to issue the green book to all citizens. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Only south african citizens born in south africa may apply for the new smart id card. South african citizens id book south african high commission. Id numbers for children ages from 0 18 will not provide any data in the return due to the child protection act but will return whether the id number is valid not.

Birth certificate, proof of address and in case of minors, must be accompanied by the parents. Apleni also announced that the new smart id card will soon be piloted across the. This post will examine the existing methods of producing sa id numbers found on the web in conjunction with the id book information and present some javascript functions to verify an entered id number, to extract relevant information from that id number and to generate new, valid id numbers that can be used in testing. All sa citizens and permanent residents will be required to have the new smart id card. South african id number validation there are many reasons a developer in south africa would need to validate a south african id number. They might need to validate the input on an online order form. Will sa citizens living abroad also have to apply for the new smart id card.

This means starting from scratch getting a learners licence and going for a. Immigrants who have valid permanent residence permits can also get an id. The above processing times turn around times, are only estimates. Any united states citizen over the age of 16 can apply for an adult passport card. Home affairs reacts to rumour of discontinuation of green id book. Johannesburg south africa s department of home affairs on tuesday denied that it had said the countrys green, barcoded identity document was being discontinued from march 2018. The south african smart identity card known as a smart id card replaces the old green barcoded identity book. The smart id card all your questions answered rustenburg. Permanent residence certificate and proof of address. Published annually for 40 years, and now used at more than 200,000 locations, our drivers license and id validation book is at the center of responsible business practices for banks, restaurants, bars, retailers, and car rental agenciesas well as law enforcement and government agencies, including the f. What your south african id number reveals about you. Minister nadeldi pandor with a smart id card progress. Sas green id book valid until further notice home affairs. Like passport books, adult passport cards remain valid for 10 years from the date of issue.

The first six digits yymmdd are based on your date of birth 23 january 1988 is 880123. This page will help you understand what payment is accepted on idbook. What you need to know id cards cabinet has issued a reminder that south africans should ensure they have valid id documents ahead of the 2019 elections. New smart id card pilot project could spell end to lengthy. There is no expiry date for the green bar coded id. Recently on twitter, false messages have been doing the rounds regarding the expiry date of south african green barcoded identity documents.

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