Characteristics of reconfigurable software

In addition, these quality characteristics can also be used to compare and contrast the relative merits of software development paradigms. More recently, the reconfigurable manufacturing system concept was introduced koren and ulsoy, 1997. The characteristics and application of reconfigurable. Reconfigurable architecture modeling architectures supporting dynamic and partial reconfiguration dpr are becoming increasingly complex in terms of both reconfiguration mechanism and embedded computing and storage resources. Reconfigurable computing is intended to fill the gap between hardware and software, achieving potentially much higher performance than software, while maintaining a higher level of flexibility than hardware. Pdf structure of reconfigurable manufacturing systems. Reconfiguration is based on modular hardware and software and is defined for part.

A reconfigurable manufacturing system rms is a system designed at the outset for rapid change in structure, as well as in hardware and software. Similarly, developers involved in designing, coding, and maintenance of the software evaluate the software by. The proposed antenna has been simulated using computer simulation technology microwave studio software and fabricated on an fr4 substrate. Using these characteristics, software engineers can assess software products for strengths and weaknesses. Failure curve for hardware infant mortality wear out time failurerate 4. Because of these peculiar characteristics, no commercial software is capable of efficiently simulating metasurfaces that are modeled as a sheet of zero thickness 155, 156. In current computing systems, like highefficiency gpus, a regular workload that uses the same code execution path for many threads is easy to work with.

It is designed to suit some specific goals such as data processing, information sharing, communication, and so on. It is now becoming possible to tailor and dedicate functional units and interconnect to take advantage of application dependent dataflow. For example, users want the software to perform according to their requirements. This is because they are involved with the software in different ways. As a result, characteristics, influencing elements and relationships have been located in a.

Each valve is programmed to emulate common, realworld characteristics such. The plasma column is used as radiating elements instead of metal to create an antenna. Software architecture for modular selfreconfigurable robots. Towards software defined antenna for cognitive radio. Although iso 91261 is the latest proposal for a useful quality model, of software characteristics, it is unlikely to be the last.

The antenna presents a reconfigurable lower band and a steady band at higher frequencies. Self reconfigurable software architecture is described in section 5 and the example of its implementation is presented in section 6. In this class, we investigate the stateoftheart in reconfigurable computing both from a hardware and software perspective. A reconfigurable architecture that can reconfigure its data paths to support a hybrid data reuse pattern and scalable mapping method was proposed in references 98, 99. The main idea of sda is similar to sdr concept, through different configuration of the attached rfswitches. Called transmuter, this software defined hardware can change how programs use the hardware available to them in real time, effectively acting as a reconfigurable computer. Being book smart will help you become a good software engineer, but it will not necessarily make you a great software engineer, or make you stand out. The antenna permits reconfigurable switching in up to ten frequency bands between 2. Plasma antenna, bipolarexcited, radiation pattern, reconfigurable characteristics. The connections between the logic gates are also configurable. In addition, professor koren listed the six key characteristics that an rms must possess 1, 3, 4, including modularity, integrability, customization, convertibility, diagnosability, and scalability. Different individuals judge software on different basis. Reconfigurable beam steering using circular disc microstrip patch antenna with a ring slot is proposed. Reconfigurable manufacturing systems and their enabling.

This chapter introduces the reader to main concepts of reconfigurable computing and reconfigurable hardware. Postsimulation results show that, with the radio frequency ranges from 700 mhz to 2. New radiation patternreconfigurable 60ghz antenna for 5g. An important component to support reconfigurable computing are the software tools and development flow supporting reconfigurable computing. Distributed software architecture enabling peertopeer. Reconfiguration schemes evaluation based on preference. Capabilities and characteristic of hardware andsoftware input 2. The reconfigurable manufacture system rms combined with the merits of both two systems, professional manufacture system and flexible manufacture system, could respond to the market change or uncertain requirement, adjust the production ability or function for changing the hardware or software. Efficient numerical algorithms that generalize finite difference time or frequency domain methods and account for individual metasurfaces have been recently proposed in. A new manufacturing paradigm reconfigurable manufacturing systems rms will position manufacturing companies for the 21st century and ultimately will have as big an impact on industry as massproduction and lean manufacturing have had in the 20th. Software engineering characteristics of software upekha vandebona upe.

The fullstack design approach integrates machine learning algorithms that are optimized for the characteristics of applications and the strengths of modern hardware, domainspecific languages and advanced compilation technology designed for programmability and performance, and a reconfigurable dataflow architecture called plasticine that. Trends and perspectives in flexible and reconfigurable. One thing is certain, the requirements including compliance and operating environment of software will be continually changing and with this change will come the continuing search to find useful characteristics. On the other hand, there are many robotic architectures 1,2,11, however, none of these architectures completely fit the properties of modular self reconfigurable robots, i. Core characteristics of reconfigurability and their influencing. The characteristics, their definitions, and measures will be useful in future empirical research involving measurement of variables related to software projects. Characteristics of reconfigurable software systems download. It is classified according to the range of potential of applications. Top 10 software engineer characteristics cogswell college. A system designed at the outset for rapid change in structure, as well as in hardware and software. Smart radio environments empowered by reconfigurable ai. Current systems, even socalled flexible manufacturing systems, do not have these characteristics. For instance, valves do more than simply turn on and off. Request pdf analysis of computation models and application characteristics suitable for reconfigurable fpgas with the proliferation of mobile and.

A frequency reconfigurable patch antenna design based on the characteristic mode analysis is presented. In this case, software engineers do not refer to the paradigm itself as reliable or portable. Napatech helps companies to reimagine their business, by bringing hyperscale computing benefits through our reconfigurable computing platform based on a broad set of fpga software for leading it compute, network and security applications that are supported on a. A runtime reconfigurable 2d dataflow computing engine that can implement a variety of cnn operations in a systolic manner was proposed in reference. Design of a dualband frequency reconfigurable patch. Introduction to reconfigurable hardware springerlink. Software cost and hardware cost hardware cost software cost time cost 3. Other characteristics such as power consumption, nf, and linearity is also reconfigurable according to different communication standard. The developed radar system consists of transceiver, two selectable transmit antennas, eight parallel receive antennas, and a backend module for data logging and to control the transceiver. Software quality characteristics go through the list and think about your productfeatures. Methods in current use are described, and their relevance to implementation on dynamically reconfigurable systems are discussed.

The fundamental objectives of a process are the same as that of software engineering after all, the process is the main vehicle of satisfying the software engineering objectives, viz. Reconfigurable hardware devices are hardware devices in which the functionality of the logic gates is customizable at runtime. Working directory the emergence of high capacity reconfigurable devices is igniting a revolution in generalpurpose processing. Berkeley reconfigurable architectures, systems, and software. The ercrms has defined the key characteristics for. Reconfigurable characteristics of radiation pattern in bipolarexcited plasma antenna system volume. Knowledge of computer programming is a prerequisite for becoming a software engineer. As far as system softwarehardware architecture is concerned, it should have certain features to support the five key characteristics of.

The characteristic of reconfigurable manufacturing system are also presented in this. Now a days we are relying on softwares and application. The reconfigurable soc provides the same kind of custom ip support except that the ip is implemented using a reconfigurable matrix. The designed antenna operates at the expected 60 ghz 5g frequency band with a central coaxial probe feed. It system security features comprise all hardwarefirmware software functions, characteristics, and features.

The software must set up the hardware before it can be used. Capabilities and characteristic of hardware and software. The use of software defined radio sdr is to make com munications more flexible, by making communications reconfigurable at lower layers of the networking. Using dynamically reconfigurable hardware in realtime.

The architecture of the developed radar system can support various. In 2004 the ieee computer society produced the swebok, which has been published as isoiec technical report 1979. Reconfiguration methods of radiation pattern in bipolarexcited plasma antenna system are. A software development project must have at least development activities and project management activities. Finally, the question has to be asked whether dynamically reconfigurable hardware would be. A new polarizationreconfigurable antenna for 5g applications. Engineering research center for reconfigurable machining. The main ingredient used in building todays reconfigurable hardware fabrics is the memory cell. Ideal reconfigurable manufacturing systems possess six core characteristics. Design of frequency reconfigurable multiband compact. Finally conclusions and future work are discussed in section 7. The purpose of this course is to prepare students for engaging in research on reconfigurable computing. The proposed polarization reconfigurable antenna was modeled using the computer simulation technology cst software.

Given the architecture and the design flexibility, reconfigurable computing has catalyzed the progress in hardware software codesign technology and in a vast number of application areas such as. Add specifics for your context, and transform the list to your own. In terms of design, rms has a modular structure software and hardware that allows ease of reconfiguration as a strategy to. A survey of coarsegrained reconfigurable architecture and. The first resonant frequency shifts down by varying. A slot is etched on the ground plane of the antenna, where two varactor diodes are placed on each side of the slot in order to tune the lower band. But thats just one of the engineering characteristics needed to become a great software engineer. Reconfigurable orthogonal polarizations were achieved by changing the states of the two pin diode switches, and the reflection coefficient s11 was maintained, which is a strong benefit of this design. A detailed classification of reconfigurable architectures with respect to the granularity of their building blocks, the reconfiguration scheme and the system level coupling is also presented. Rms characteristics at the heart of reconfigurable manufacturing is a set of core characteristics. The major challenge is to design small antennas which can be operated at different number of frequency bands. Design and implementation of 24 ghz multichannel fmcw. Fullwave analysis and computation of radiation characteristics for reconfigurable plasma antennas abstract.

One of the major issue when designing such architectures is to be able to obtain a quick feedback over proposed architectural choices. What are the five most important characteristics of a good. For this freq uency reconfigurable antennas need to be designed in. Defining a software on the basis of its features is worthy in the sense because we get an overall perspective of that application. Reconfigurable hardware and software are necessary but not sufficient conditions for a true rms. Reconfigurability is composed of six core characteristics. People who have software engineering jobs are generally perceived to be smart. The second issue explored is the scheduling of realtime tasks, both in software and hardware systems. Software can be applied in countless fields such as business, education, social sector, and other fields. We designed and developed a 24 ghz surveillance fmcw frequency modulated continuous wave radar with a software reconfigurable baseband. Reconfigurable devices, including fieldprogrammable gate arrays fpgas, contain an array of computational elements whose functionality is. A reconfigurable manufacturing system rms is one designed at the outset for rapid change in its structure, as well as its hardware and software components, in order to quickly adjust its production capacity and functionality within a part family in response. Linux kernel fpga manager a starting point for fpga programming and reconfiguration in embedded systems opencl opencl is a tool to develop complete software applications that leverage offload. Our routine starts with the use of several applications so.

In addition, another important process to use reconfigurable software architecture, the goalformation process, is presented in section 4. Reconfigurable characteristics of radiation pattern in. This section describes a range of technologies, including input, processing, storage, output and communication devices. Capabilities and characteristic of hardware and software 1.

This paper presents the main architecture and major characteristics of reconfigurable manufacturing. Rms, and invented patents and software packages that have provided the basis for developing new. Study of the characteristics of reconfigurable plasma. These characteristics, which were introduced by professor yoram koren in 1995, apply to the design of whole manufacturing systems, as well as to some of its components. Software defined antenna sda is a smart reconfigurable antenna that can be attached to wireless devices to adapt antenna with environment requirements, as shown in fig. A fullwave analytical theory has been developed and numerically solved for finding the radiation characteristics of the plasma column antenna for both guided and leakymode configurations using electric and magnetic field vector. Download scientific diagram characteristics of reconfigurable software systems from publication.

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