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The story is about a father taking his boy on a hunting trip in the wake of divorce. Walking out, a wilderness adventure by the sibling filmmaking team of alex and andrew smith, is a fine illustration of this idea. David quammen born february 1948 is an american science, nature and travel writer and the author of fifteen books. Walking out is the story of a father cal, played by matt bomer and son david, played by josh. Based on the american short story masterpiece by david quammen, walking out tracks fourteenyearold david s josh wiggins annual visit to rural montana to see. You quickly learn that the boy is not one that really enjoys the rural life at all, and has apparently lead a very sheltered. So we went to the sundance film festival, yes, and a merry and curious time it was. The story goes that quammen gave up fiction entirely a few years after publishing walking out, which belongs next to the best of raymond carver and andre dubus in the canon of rural american literature.

In the story, walking out by david quammen, a young boy starts an arduous adventure with his father. I first read david quammen in the pages of harpers magazine when i was fresh out of college and woefully unexposed to writers like himmodern american. I first encountered this story in the anthology american short story masterpieces, edited by. Its about a soft, suburbanized 14year old named david josh wiggins who goes deep into the montana mountains to visit his strong, silent outdoorsman father, cal matt bomer, then accompanies him on a moose. David quammen is the author of four books of fiction and seven nonfiction fortysome years ago, i wrote a short story titled walking out. Smith, starring matt bomer, and based on a short story of the same name by david quammen. In 20, quammen s book spillover was shortlisted for the. I first encountered this story in the anthology american short story masterpieces, edited by raymond carver and tom jenks, so walking out would seem to have received quite a bit of acclaim. By david quammen, on 25 january speaking of the revenant, the film from my story, walking out, also features a grizzly bear, though this. The father brings his son out to montana from the suburbs from chicago.

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