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Five other compounds caloxanthone c 3, 1,8dihydro3methoxy6methylanthraquinone 4. Bhattacharya p, chatterjee d, chakrabarti a and chakrabarti d p 1979 synthesis of mesuagin a plant antibiotic frommesua ferrea linn. Evergreen trees, about 2030 m tall, trunk cylindrical with girth of up to 3 m, usually buttressed in base of the trunk, outer sapwood light pale pinkish brown or creamy, inner heart wood, reddish brown, very heavy, tough and hard, odourous or somewhat sweet scented, bark smooth, brownish grey to dark brown, fissured, usually exfoliating in large exfoliating large white trapezoidal flakes. Pdf recalcitrant morphological traits and intermediate. Investigation on pharmacognostic parameters of sirunagapoo. The record derives from tropicos data supplied on 20120418 which reports it as an accepted name record 7801420 with original publication details. Ethnobotanical and phytopharmacological attributes of mesua ferrea. Pdf a new furanoxanthone from the root bark of mesua ferrea. In the dcs and extracts of mesua ferrea treated groups except alcohol treated, there was restoration of the body weights of the rats.

The information on mesua ferrea was collected from the literature available in the books on medicinal plants and the scientific databases like. In vitro cytotoxic potential of mesua ferrea against various cancer cell lines including hct 116, lim1215, katoiii, ht29, mcf7, ncih187, ncih23, raji, snu1, k562, ls 174t, hela, skmel28. Bioactive compounds from mesua ferrea stems request pdf. Mesua ferrea at queen sirikit botanic garden chiang mai 20 2518. Nagkesar mesua ferrea uses, research, side effects. Mesua ferrea seeds abundantly available as a waste are proved to yield 40. Mesua ferrea, the ceylon ironwood, indian rose chestnut, or cobra saffron, is a species in the family calophyllaceae. Based on the antivirulence activity on salmonella, the ethyl acetate extract eae of mesua ferrea flower was investigated for its chemical constituents. Some people have noted the psychedelic effects of the fragrance of nag champa. Because of its slow growth rate, mesua is not suitable as a plantation tree for timber production, however, it is an attractive lawn tree with vivid green leaves. Young leaves are reddish yellow in colour while mature. It is used in powder form along with other spices, and is used in many herbal jams including chyawanprash.

Mesua ferrea is used in indian cooking, as a medicine, for its fragrance and in the industry for its wood. Novel bisxanthones from the stem bark of mesua ferrea guttiferae natural product letters. Ten purified compounds were identified and assayed for their inhibitory activity against type iii secretion system t3ss by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis sdspage and western blots experiments. Our phytochemical studies on the root bark extracts of mesua ferrea have led to the isolation of two new pyranoxanthones, mesuaferrin a 1 and mesuaferrin b 2. Rajalakshmi p, vadivel v, ravichandran n, brindha p. Request pdf bioactive compounds from mesua ferrea stems the chemical constituents and biological activities of mesua ferrea linn. Lipase immobilised carbonaceous catalyst assisted enzymatic transesterification of mesua ferrea oil. The plant has shown various pharmacological activities including antibacterial, immunomodulatory etc. Ethnobotanical and phytopharmacological attributes of. Nagkesar is a very famous ayurveda herb used in treating fever, vomiting, urinary tract disorders, migraine etc. Investigation on pharmacognostic parameters of sirunagapoo mesua ferrea l. To investigate invitro antibacterial and free radical scavenging potentials of mesua ferrea l.

Mesua ferrea is an evergreen medium to largesized ornamental tree that is distributed in most of asian countries inflammatory and stomachic pr including burma, cambodia, indochina region, malaysia, myanmar, nepal southern, philippines, sri lanka, sumatra and thailand. Molecules free fulltext pyranoxanthones from mesua ferrea. Pharmacognostic studies on the flower of mesua ferrea l. Recalcitrant morphological traits and intermediate storage behaviour in seeds of mesua ferrea, a tropical evergreen species article pdf available in seed science and technology 431. A new furanoxanthone from the root bark of mesua ferrea. Polyphenols, antioxidants, tribulus terrestris, mesua ferrea. Antivirulence activities of biflavonoids from mesua. Antiarthritic activity of various extracts of mesua ferrea. This slowgrowing tree is named after the heaviness and hardness of its timber. Originally published in the journal blumea, it is available as a pdf on the interne a sacred tree in india, it is also harvested in the wild for its oilrich seed and aromatic flowers. A report by patil and suryavanshi, 2007 suggests that the decrease in the body weight during inflammation is due to deficient absorption of nutrients through the intestine and that treatment with antiinflammatory drugs normalizes the process of absorption.

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