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The definition of ethnic diversity in my opinion, is a variety of different ethnic groups. Development and ethnic diversity private investment ethnic diversity levels of development violence bibliography societies that are developed afford their members a higher level of economic prosperity and political security. This glossary of terms was formatted and adapted by uwts diversity resource. Ethnic diversity may be a controversial thing due to the level of racism in this world. Many diversity plans give the word a comprehensive meaning, such as. The social studies, ethnic diversity, and social change james a. As illustrated by this definition, diversity tends to be epitomized as cultural diversity, as the diversity of lebenswelten lifeworlds, lifestyles and identities, which in an increasingly glocalized world cannot be separated from each other and instead end up. Cultural diversity in the healthcare field the many faces of healthcare cultural diversity in the healthcare field carl hooks rasmussen college author note this research is being submitted on september 16, 2010, for vicky philips english class at rasmussen college by carl hooks cultural diversity in the medical field is, at times, greatly. The social studies, ethnic diversity, and social change.

There are many available definition of diversity management but risberg and. Ethnic diversity among physicians may be linked to improved. The united states is the melting pot of many cultures. However, the sources of this diversity remain unexplained, which is surprising in light of africas high level of ethnic. Ethnic diversity and social capital at the community level. Diversity means having a range of people with various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds and various lifestyles, experience, and interests. Research on the impact of ethnic diversity on social capital is relatively new in the field of political science stolle et al. Ethnic diversity in schools may be good for students grades, study suggests. Diversity is the term that refers to the plurality of elements of a given area. Diversity is differences in racial and ethnic, socioeconomic, geographic, and academicprofessional backgrounds. We must distinguish the main terms within cultural or ethnic diversity.

Cultural diversity, knowledge diversity and innovation. Having a variety of individuals and points of view represented in the department. Creating and celebrating diversity in preschool classrooms. Managing diversity is a key component of effective people management in the workplace black enterprise 2001. Diversity definitions the following guidelines established by the small business administration sba and the national minority supplier development council nmsdc are used to determine the certification status of affymetrix suppliers. Diversity management and ethnic minority subject positions.

Hofstede 1984, simply defined culture as a collective. Here the definition of ethnicity makes reference to national tradition, and the definition of race mirrors that of ethnicity. Each of these dimensions are explored through workshops, programs, and materials sponsored by. Skills, expertise and experience having the optimal mix of skills, expertise and experience is paramount to ensure that the board. Equality, diversity and the creative case 20162017. A small business means a concern including its affiliates, that is independently owned and operated. It is also about developing a creative mindset to see things from different angles without rigid. Cultural diversity and information and communication. Source for information on development and ethnic diversity. Protection of minorities and indigenous peoples respecting cultural. Pdf the management of ethnic diversity has become a topical and.

Reflection is the ability to think critically about oneself and others. One major implication is that state governments are signicant policymakers in the united states. Cultural diversity, knowledge diversity muge ozman, erkan erdil june 20 and innovation. Over the years, the country has become the destination of people from all over the world to achieve their dream. A social system of meaning and custom that is developed by a. Diversity in the boardroom article 1 what is board diversity.

The ethnic diversity index, according to, measures, on a scale of 0 to 100, the chance that two randomly chosen students come from a different racial group. The combination of higherdensity living and increasing cultural. Benefits, challenges, and the required managerial tools 3. Diversity takes various forms in a boardroom and can be broadly categorised into the following elements. Cultural and ethnic diversity free essays, term papers. Gilens 1999 documents that black people are overrepresented in the media. These elements could be people, investments, areas, species and many other groupings that have variety. Cultural diversity also makes our country stronger. Definitions of other relevant terms can be found in appendix 4, namely. Tracing the ambiguous translation of diversity management in a. Diversity is defined here in a broad sense as human groupings based on race, ethnicity, gender, class, age, religion, sexual orientation, learning styles, nationality and. We will examine castes and classes more in section 4.

Banks university of washington abstract a series of ethnic revival movements emerged in western societies such as the united states, canada, the united kingdom, and australia during the 1960s and 1970s. Ethnic diversity in schools may be good for students. Nor can domination on the part of one ethnic group provide longterm stability in a society. Political economy program we investigate the empirical relationship between ethnicity and culture, defined as a vector of traits reflecting norms, attitudes and preferences. Personal identity as well as cultural identity ethnic identity always materialise in relation to somebody else. If cultural and ethnic criteria are applied, the nation is under stood as a homogenous. Ethnic diversity, as well as racial diversity, is included in our definition of the diversity index. Equality, diversity and the creative case arts council england. Isajiw university of toronto paper presented at joint canadaunited states conference on themeasurement of ethnicity, ottawa, ontario, canada, april 2, 1992.

The following glossary is merely an introduction and an educational resource provided by the national multicultural institute. Divisions between genders, races and ethnicities often exist in the workplace, in part because society as a whole still bears the scars of past injustices. A crossnational survey of the 2000 census round ann morning, ph. Diversity, difference and diversity management helda university. To a stockbroker, it means a balanced portfolio of stocks, bonds and other investments. Racialethnic diversity and states public policies social policies as context for welfare policies rodney e. Defining and describing diversity kendall hunt higher education. The guide, which is the second module of the ilos promoting equity series, is intended as a tool to tackle racial discrimination and promote ethnic diversity at the. Esris diversity calculations accommodate up to seven race groups. Ethnic diversity synonyms, ethnic diversity antonyms. Definitions of diversity jmc programs have created a smorgasbord of definitions for diversity. The fear or hatred of jews as an ethnic, religious, or racial group. Health occupations 20112015 3 it has been shown to improve patient satisfaction, patientclinician communication, and access to care for patient belonging to minority populations.

Using survey data for countries76, we find that ethnic. A broad definition includes not only race, ethnicity, and gender the groups that. On january 12, 2015, an updated diversity statement was published describing nihs interest in the diversity of the nihfunded workforce. Reinvigorating a prominent and interesting debate among scholars, robert putnam awakened the. The word diversity derives from the latin root diversus, meaning various or. Recent international documents suggest a system of gradual protection. After publication, we received several inquiries about the definitions applicable to each of the racial and ethnic categories. Heres a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. A major goal of these movements was to reform the school curriculum so. Cultural context includes all aspects of a childs cultural identity that are unique and influential, such as ethnicity and race, primary language, family composition, socioeconomic status, and special needs. Ethnic diversity, gender, and national leaders f all w in ter 20 1 01 the fearon et al.

In addition to communicating with the patient in their native or primary language, the clinical team learns how different. The most durable way to accommodate diversity is to create a sense of the nation being a civic community, rooted in values that can be shared by all ethnic components of the national society. Synonyms for ethnic diversity at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. That is why the worlds most innovative businesses, cities and economies are the most diverse.

Understanding the diversity of opinions which may be influenced by a variety. Benefits, challenges, and the required managerial tools 2 advantages. Acquiring the necessary knowledge and dynamic skills to manage such differences appropriately and effectively. Org communicating in the verbal and emotional language of the patient. By jeanne martinson diversity is a word that is tossed around in many areas of work and social life, and has come to mean different things to different people. Our survey attempts to bring together empirical contributions from several different literatures ranging from experimental economics to the comparative welfare state literature in. Although diversity is often thought exclusively in terms of ethnic cultural or ra. Cultural diversity makes our country richer by making it a more interesting place in which to live. Managers should implement policies such as mentoring programs to provide associates access to information and opportunities. Our accenture workforce is comprised of highly motivated employees who reflect the ethnic origins, cultures and diversity of a global marketplace. Thus this was predominantly targeting ethnic minorities since this particular. God the father, god the son and god the holy spirit are distinct and different but not divided or separate. To a horticulturalist, it means balancing perennials, annuals, shade and sun.

In which ever context the word diversity is used, it basically means having elements that have a range of visible and invisible differences. Ethnic categories and definitions for nih diversity programs and for. Our people are what make us stand out from the competition and drive high performance for our clients. Today, federal political systems are increasingly used by states with a multiethnic population as a mechanism to accommodate the demands of their ethnic groups as well as to protect their territorial integrity. Culture is the set of characteristics that allow the distinction of a society in relation to material, spiritual, emotional and intellectual aspects. Just think how boring a meal would be without chinese, mexican, japanese, italian, german, french or indian food. After doing a lot of research, i came across the ethnic diversity index and the diversity score. Federalism and the accommodation of ethnic diversity. Culturaldiversity,knowledgediversityand innovation mugeozmananderkanerdil institutminestelecom telecomecoledemanagement evry,france middleeasttechnicaluniversity departmentofeconomics ankara,turkey. Common descent and common history 4 see smith 1998. Discrimination against persons with mental andor physical disabilities andor social structures that favor ablebodied individuals.

The role of cultural diversity climate in recruitment, promotion. In this general meaning, the notion of cultural diversity, having a more or less. The diversity index from esri represents the likelihood that two persons, chosen at random from the same area, belong to different race or ethnic groups. As illustrated by this definition, diversity tends to be epitomized as cultural diversity, as the diversity of lebenswelten lifeworlds, lifestyles and identities, which in an increasingly glocalized world cannot be. Browse ethnic diversity news, research and analysis from the conversation. Proopinion, diversity, workplace, ethinicity, diversity in workplace. Age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, class, disability, and nationality. A key issue is whether ethnic diversity promotes or undermines the capacity to develop. Find descriptive alternatives for ethnic diversity. D these days ethnicity is much talked issues in the contemporary world, especially in the third world, so called underdeveloped countries by developed western countries. Census bureau statistics and other recent national sur.

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