6h30pi tube data booklet

Complete tube data is in every single box, like big transmitting us wwii tubes. Sovtek 6h30pi dual triode preamp tube with gold pins. Vacuum tubes, sockets, capacitors, nixie and electron tube accessories. Electroharmonix 6h30pi gold pin there are two types of 6h30 tubes currently being produced. As all mini owners know the mini uses 6h30s for its driver tubes. Uhf voltage amplification in grounded cathode circuit in input and wideband amplifiers.

Used by balanced audio technologies and audio research. The sovtek brand which have the chrome pins listed here, and the electro harmonix gold pin. I have more than 100 pieces, most of them were made in 60s and 70s, this batch is from 1962. These eb series tubes have a typically 5,000 10,000 hours life and have been checked for noise and. The thin glass tube envelope is 17 mm in diameter and, excluding the b7g base pins, is 46 mm tall. Substitutes are given as a guide only please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. The electroharmonix 6h30pi tube is a super linear, military spec dual triode tube made in russia. Sovtek 6h30pi there are two types of 6h30 tubes currently being produced. The 6h30 has been decribed as a supertube by balanced audio technology, which prefers its performance to the 6922 tube the 6h30 has characteristics similar to a 6922, but it is not a substitute. It is known in the us as either a 6n6 or 6h6 in russia they call it a 6n6 but on the tube it. Direct heating cathode, medium power consumption triode is used for class a amplification.

Bold designators are close or identical, italic designators are different ratings, different pinouts or different filament voltages. I found out there is a different tube that is not current production and is available only as nos. Personally i dont like translation, therefore we introduced that tube here in the us as simply the 6h30. Russian 6p3s, 6p3se 6n3c, 6n3ce general tetrode, used in output stages of low frequency amplifiers. The useful article about how to recognize 6h30 6n30 tubes has become standard and its been referenced in many forums. The 12b4 was a wellliked tube from online discussions with a. The 6h30 is a mediummu dual triode with a very highperveance cathode the low plate resistance, combined with a superior linearity, and a true 4 watt per plate dissipation, make for a high performance voltage amp or driver. These eb series tubes have a typically 5,000 10,000 hours life and have been checked for noise and microphonics. The 6n30pdr tube is a hidurable and extra long live double triode with separate cathodes.

It is the same tube, just the misinterpretation of the cyrillic notation. This was the american answer to the px4 and the parallel construction enabled the ac anode resistance to be the low figure of 800 ohms. The sovtek brand which have the chrome pins, and the electro harmonix gold pin listed here. The russian lettering looks like 6h30ndp, but its phonetic equivalent is 6n30pdr, so some people translate it, other keep it original. Made in ussr, reflektor factory for military equipments otk, military rhombus stamped. Block diagram, pinout and 6h30pi circuit application inside. Buy electroharmonix 6h30pi gold pins matched pair 2 tubes. Ediswan valves and picture tubes data booklet 196465 anonymous 1038 collector usage in models. It is dedicated to be used in audio frequency range which requires the output power 100w. Resistor loaded 6h30pi cap coupled to 12b4 c4s sunk cathode follower otl i used the 6n1p and 6h30pi becuase ive a used them before, b had a stock onhand, c like their sound. Home tubes 6j1pev ef95 6f32 pentode tubes lot of 10 new. In the nutshell it is what i posted below, but if you have some more specific questions. The sovtek 6h30pi presented here is the super linearmilitary, mid mu dual triode version. Electro harmonix 6h30pi eb gold pin cryo cryoset online.

High quality kemet, wima, nichicon capacitors are used. Frigate uses only the finest audiophile quality components that have been carefully selected with no expense spared. So what is the big difference between the 6h30pi gold pin and 6h30pdr besides reliability and expected life. Application in tv scan modules, power amplifiers and generators. These are current production tubes the nos version are rare and very expensive. Tubes free delivery possible on eligible purchases. All tubes new, military equipment and have otk mark. Sovtek 6h30pi dual triode preamp tube made in russia. Its a common tube to swap in a jim kelley amp, as it handles the higher voltage well. I have owned many, many preamps, and still own 2 phono stages that use the 6dj86922 tubes and enjoy them very much, but on the line stage side of the preamp, i really like what the 6h30 tube does. The 6h30 still sounds like a tube, but has better bass control, more detail, without sounding sterile or cold. Click to see all 6sn7 6sn7gt 12sn7 12sn7gt in stock. Frigate uses two 6922 and two 6h30pi tubes for their linearity and low distortion.

The 6b4g is an unusual valve in that the envelope holds two triode valves that are hard wired in parallel. Collection of roddie rankin gb you reach this tube or valve page from a search after clicking the tubes tab or by clicking a tube. As far as i know, the current sovtek tubes are 6h30pi eb, while the only nos i have seen were the drs. Details about 6n15p 6h15p 615 tube double triode 6j6 ecc91 tube valve nos, new in box, 2pcs. Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details. The 6bh6 is a high impedance, medium gain signal amplifier.

The 6h30 is a mediummu dual triode with a very highperveance cathode. Double triode, 6h8c datasheet, 6h8c circuit, 6h8c data sheet. It is a direct equivalent of ecc84 and 6cw7 vacuum tubes. It has a low heater current requirement and was designed for use in car radio and other mobile equipment. The electro harmonix 6h30pi presented here is the super linearmilitary, mid mu dual triode version. New tubes as mentioned above are of good quality, but have never reached that of nos pre 1990 drs in reliability, duration and sonics on the drs data sheet is clearly mentioning duration of 10. Electron devices svetlana svetlana 6n1p dual audio triode 10 20 30 40 0 100 200 300 400 500 0 vg ov2 46810 12 plate current milliamperes 14. This is a technical article about how to test the 6h306n30 tubes on hickok 752a, 539, tv7 and other classical tube testers.

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